Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sending email using groovy

My first groovy task was to write a simple test harness that would send an email. This was not the easiest thing in the world I have to say. I guess the groovy folks didn't add anything to groovy to make sending email easier than it is in straight java. There is a grail mail plugin that looks good, but I didn't want to add the dependency just to send an email and wasn't sure it would work just with groovy.

The first mistake I made was to try and figure out how to create a "main" method. I spent about half an hour before figuring out I don't need one. I now make sure to chant "scripting language" three times before I do anything with groovy. This has helped a lot.

As an aside, this scripting language plus the seemless integration into java is a wonderful reason to use groovy for unit tests. Even if you don't buy into anything else about groovy it would be great for rapid creation of JUnit tests.

So here is my very first groovy script (I almost said app, "scripting language...scripting language"). I am sure I have done all kinds of things that are not quite right, but it sends me an email which for now is good enough. If for some reason you would like to use it feel free it is licensed under the MIT license. Just copy and paste it into a new file, make sure you have mail.jar (from java-mail) and activation.jar in your classpath and groovy it.

import javax.mail.internet.*;
import javax.mail.*
import javax.activation.*

message = "test groovy mail"
subject = "groovy sent this"
toAddress = ""
fromAddress = ""
host = "localhost"
port = "25"

Properties mprops = new Properties();

Session lSession = Session.getDefaultInstance(mprops,null);
MimeMessage msg = new MimeMessage(lSession);

//tokenize out the recipients in case they came in as a list
StringTokenizer tok = new StringTokenizer(toAddress,";");
ArrayList emailTos = new ArrayList();
emailTos.add(new InternetAddress(tok.nextElement().toString()));
InternetAddress[] to = new InternetAddress[emailTos.size()];
to = (InternetAddress[]) emailTos.toArray(to);
InternetAddress fromAddr = new InternetAddress(fromAddress);
msg.setFrom(new InternetAddress(fromAddress));

Transport transporter = lSession.getTransport("smtp");


  1. Great stuff, well done with this.

  2. just use the antBuilder.
    def ant = new AntBuilder()

    done and done.

  3. Yes this does work but you also may need to include ant-javamail.jar in your classpath or groovy lib dir (I did using groovy 1.6.4) and it doesn't work in embedded environments that don't include ant libs (using the groovy-all-XX.jar).

    The use of the AntBuilder to send mail seems to be a pretty popular solution. After using groovy some more I have used the AntBuilder in simple scripts that I run for my own automation running in a local environment, but for anything else I put a closure around the above and use that. In the end a lot less head aches.

  4. This was most helpful, I used it as a launchpad for creating a notification task in Gradle (may move it into a real plugin)

  5. Hi,

    I'm using the above mentioned code with soapUI tool to trigger an Email once the test is completed. I replaced the host and port as per the network config at my company and tried to execute the script and found that it was throwing an exception. When i verified the log file i found that the script is still trying to connect to localhost:25. Can you please help in rectifying this issue?

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Sorry not sure what it could be. I just tried this again changing the host and port to see if I had some error and it worked for me.

  6. Hey Brook,
    SMTP service is not running in my machine and for QTP scripts, i use, is there any way I can convert this script to use, using my gmail email address and password.

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