Friday, July 10, 2009

Selenium and the missing IDE

Finally figured out my Selenium IDE problem. I run an apple Macintosh (OSX), with Firefox. When starting up the Selenium IDE I got a very nice toolbar without anything underneath it, needless to say not very useful:

After trying the usual suspects, and even upgrading to Firefox 3.5 I was still no closer.
Today I found the answer quite by accident, it was the nice minimalistic theme I use little fox!
Reverting back to the default theme and viola all is working. I googled around a bit and it seems this is not a problem just with little fox. I will now get back to playing with what seems to be a very interesting open source tool; sadly without little fox.

Dojo DnD first impressions

I was pleased to have a dojo drag and drop sample up and running in just about an hour. There was a great tutorial at sitepen which helped me get up and running quickly. The whole package is simple, and starting with the dojo supplied example eliminated most of the messing around with the style sheets which is where it appears most of the heavy lifting is done. I wish I had time to explore this next task is to see if I can get a drag and drop application setup with the ability to edit the members of the list.